Consent and Requirements


By agreeing to this form, I confirm that:

  • I have been made aware of the reason for the assessments and who will see my results, and consent to my results being used for the above-mentioned purpose.

  • The assessments are completed solely by myself with no unauthorised assistance from any other person or source.

  • I have not completed the Kwaden Assessment process within the last 12 months.


I confirm further that, should the validity of my results come into question for any reason, I will be willing to undergo further testing to confirm my results.

Assessment Conditions

Since these assessments are for recruitment/selection purposes, we want to ensure that you complete them under optimal conditions so that you perform at your best. To do this, we ask that you ensure certain conditions are met.

Environment and Infrastructure Requirements

  1. A quiet environment where you will not be interrupted for the duration of the assessments.

  2. A laptop or PC with the Chrome web browser installed.

  3. A reliable Internet connection.


Please ensure that you are well rested, have had something to eat, and (ideally) complete the assessments first thing in the morning when you are most alert. If you are unable to confirm that these conditions can be met, we would prefer that you raise it with us so that we can look at alternatives.

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