Dear candidate, 

In order to access the assessments, please click 'Apply now'.


  1. Please click on: "Click here to register", to create your profile.

  2. Please read and accept the terms and conditions and click "Next".

  3. Complete the biographical information page and click on "Register".

  4. Select the preferred language to complete the assessments in – only the available languages will be listed for each assessment.

  5. Once you have selected the language from the dropdown list, your questionnaire will appear automatically.

  6. Please complete all questions and follow the prompts to the end of the assessment and "Submit" your responses.

  7. There are three different assessments that need to be completed. It does not matter which order you do them in, only that you complete all of them. 

  8. The Matrigma is a timed assessment and must be completed in one session. If the session is interrupted, please log back in to complete the assessment. If the assessment has expired or is no longer accessible, please contact Spencer ( 

Very important:

  • You need to complete these tests in a distraction-free environment where you are not interrupted. If you cannot ensure a quiet, uninterrupted and distraction-free environment, please contact me and we will arrange a place for you to complete the assessments.

  • You will need to complete the tests on a laptop or PC with a stable internet connection. 

  • Note: you cannot prepare for the tests, but they are best to do when you are fresh, i.e. first thing in the morning, and after having eaten something. 

  • Keep your username and password SIMPLE and write them down somewhere – you may need them to log into the system again. 

  • You will need just over an hour register, fill in all necessary information and complete both assessments. 


  • There is no formal deadline, but follow these two guidelines: (1) completing the assessment first thing in the morning is likely to give you the best chance of success. We would rather you complete the assessment battery a day later than try to do it when you are tired. (2) We generally consider three days a reasonable lengh of time for applicants to complete the battery.

Please Note: I will be automatically notified once you have completed your assessments - please do not email me to say that you are done. From there, you will either be invited to interview, or will be declined. Either way, you will receive feedback within a week. If you do not receive feedback within that time frame, please feel free to email me and request it. 

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