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See what our recruits are saying about us.

Jerrol Jasmine Orr

Walvis  Bay

"My experience with Hexagon recruitment agencies was simply the best and professional, they where kind the information and instructions were very clear and most of all they were haven sent because I was unemployed for the whole year of 2021 and Hexagon recruitment team opened new opportunities for me at Simpex, I can now afford to look after my two beautiful children.
Thank you very much

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Refiloe Mabuza


"The one thing is that there is a potential for growth within the company. It is so great so far I love it here.
It has changed my life so much I am able to buy food for my children."

Aron Gariseb


"Company has got very big goals and vision, more impressive is growth and company does not only focus on its liability but also does focus on the growth of their employees. I have learned a lot in a very short time already looking forward to learning more in the future."

Elvis Siyamba
Sales Representative


"Though the process was smooth, the standard was high. The company cares for and invests in its people. Good and caring leadership and a good team. Busy and tight schedule. It made me a person who gives attention to details."

Linah Maseko


"The recruitment experience was actually rather simpler than I had expected. It was not difficult or scary. What I like about the company is that we are more like family and the support and manner of doing our work is superb. I had no experience in the position I'm currently at but the support and thorough learning on how I go about doing my duties has been tremendous." 

Aletha Isaacs

Walvis bay

"Hexagon has made it so easy for me, I liked the fact that I was interviewed in the comfort of my home, the fast responses and the next interview updates. It was my first time going through a recruiting process like that and I have to say it was a great experience. The slogan: powerful alone, stronger together. This shows how they (we) we believe in teamwork and our (SGX Distributors Simpex) commitment to success."

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