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  • Who are we?
    Hexagon Recruiting is a tech-driven recruiting company operating predominantly in the FMCG industry. We aim is to democratise the job market by making it possible to apply for a job from anywhere in South Africa or Namibia (where we operate currently) through your smart phone.
  • What is Odyssey?
    Odyssey is a gamified assessment that we use to better understand your skills, abilities and interests. When you apply for a job through Hexagon Recruiting, you will be redirected to Odyssey to complete some screening questions. If you successfully pass these screening questions, you will be invited to complete the full assessment. Odyssey does not require any data – we pay for it, so you don’t have to.
  • Why am I required to complete the assessment?
    Our unique recruitment process identifies candidates who are problem solvers, have potential for growth and are well aligned to the role and our customers. All applicants that apply for a role through Hexagon Recruiting are required to go through our assessment process.
  • How long do the Odyssey Assessments take to complete?
    One to three hours, depending on how quickly you work. The full assessment is made up of several short games, and you do not have to complete all of these games in one sitting – just finish the games you start. If it suits you best to complete them over a few days, you may do so. Your application is only considered complete, however, once you have finished all of the games.
  • Can I complete the assessment at a later stage?
    Yes. Once you have signed up on Odyssey, you will be able to log in and out as and when can. However, it is recommended that you complete all games within 7-days.
  • My browser is not supported, what do I do?
    The assessments work best on Google Chrome. We recommend that you download Google Chrome on your phone or computer, and copy/paste the assessment link into this browser.
  • Does this open me up to spam or fraud?
    Our site uses external third-party links. If you have a firewall, the webpage may be highlighted as suspected spam or fraud. Hexagon and Odyssey will not contact you without your consent.
  • When will I hear back from Hexagon regarding my application?
    Due to the high volume of applicants, Hexagon Recruiting is currently only able to contact the best-performing applicants. Should you receive no feedback from us within two weeks, please consider your application unsuccessful.
  • How can I be notified when a new job opens?
    You can find us on social media: Facebook LinkedIn WhatsApp Indeed
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