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Do you have what it takes to be a successful FMCG Sales Rep?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

The demand for sales representatives has increased and remains one of the most in-demand skillsets in the job market currently, showing promising and positive employment prospects.

So what do sales representatives actually do?

In a nutshell, a sales representative’s role in the FMCG environment is to sell a product that the company provides. They collaborate with the marketing department to present relevant branded products to the retail and wholesale trade.

How can you excel as a sales professional? The best sales teams are a lot like well-performing schools. They care about results, and the best way to achieve those results is by persistently developing the inside sales skills of their sales reps. This dedication to cultivating inside sales skills ultimately creates a sales team that not only reaches its short-term sales goals, but creates a culture of learning and self -improvement. We have listed some of the important functions of a great sales rep.

1. Product Knowledge

The first skill a successful sales rep should master is Product Knowledge. Product training should be one of the very first things a sales rep masters. They should be able to explain, in lengthy detail, the nature of the product, what value it offers and the reasons it appeals to the company’s ideal customer. This in turn helps inside sales reps craft their sales pitch effectively, ensuring the product’s strongest features are highlighted. Deep knowledge is one of the few things that separate great sales reps from the rest.

2. Customer Service Skills

Once a sales rep has deep product knowledge, it’s time to focus on customer service skills. A successful sales rep must be able to speak in a friendly manner to customers and potential customers. They need to be able to listen to and understand the needs of their trade customers and help communicate options that may benefit them and their situation.

3. Communication Skills

The tone of voice, volume and pace of a sales rep’s pitch are surprisingly important in sales skills. How you say things outweighs what you say, however communicating your company ethos and values will also assist in creating loyalty with the business and its customers. It’s important to let your emotions and personality come through so that the prospect knows you are authentic and will be more willing to listen to you.

4. Flexibility

Sales reps in the FMCG industry may need to work long hours, nights or weekends. While sales reps have a lot of control in setting their schedule, it’s important to find balance in their professional and personal lives. Flexibility is key to success in this career.

5. Persistence

Relationships take time particularly with buyers who have many reps pitching to them on a daily basis. But having persistence and being able to recover with a positive interaction is important in this field of work.

So, whether you are new to sales or already working in the field, further developing these skills will help you get further ahead in your career and make you a great asset to any team.


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