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How to secure your job in a difficult employment climate

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Hexagon Recruiting tips to finding and keeping a job

Securing your first job can be both a daunting and exciting time in your life. Unfortunately, despite best efforts, most South African youth remain unemployed, with most struggling to find and secure their place in the labour market.

Youth unemployment in SA

According to StatsSA, the formal youth unemployment rate was 32,6 percent. However, around 46,3 percent of this number was made up of youth aged between 15 – 34 years old, implying that around one in every two young people in the job market were unemployed in the first three months of the year.

Unemployment is especially concerning among the youth, who account for 59,5 percent of the total number of unemployed persons in South Africa.

The Stats SA study found that some young South Africans have become discouraged from partaking in the employment market, and they are also not building on their skills base through learning and training.

Unfortunately, many young people's lack of work experience is a stumbling block that makes it hard to secure employment.

This makes it all the more important for young professionals to be equipped with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to not only find but to keep a job in a turbulent employment market:

Tips to secure your job and avoid unemployment

Have a good attitude

Often, your skillset may not be enough to keep a job, especially if you have a negative attitude, making it difficult for others to work with you. Most employers value staff who display a positive attitude even in difficult situations.

Be positive and proactive.

Volunteering to take up more responsibility is a valued attribute to possess in a work environment. It shows that you take the initiative and that you are eager and ready to handle more responsibility.

Be honest

The phrase honesty is the best policy proves true in a work setting as trust is essential in building long-lasting relationships. Lying, stealing, gossiping and discussing confidential company information with external parties is largely frowned upon. Not only do such acts impact negatively on your character but it brings into question your professional ethics and sense of loyalty.

Always be punctual

Keeping to your word is a vital habit to develop, and punctuality simply means that you show up when you say you will. This attribute shows that you practice good time management, take your job seriously, and care about meeting your work and personal deadlines. In most workplaces, punctuality is similar to professionalism.

Make yourself indispensable

Being the best at what you do is a great way to secure your position and ensure value at your workplace. Be sure to learn new skills that will enhance your position and ensure that your work standard is impeccable.

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